Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Removing low paying AdSense Ad

You are getting lots of hits and your CTR also not bad, yet your earning is not up to the mark because of low paying ads. You are getting only few cents for each click. To improve your earning you want to filter the low paying ads from your site. You have probably noticed ads like " best resources for online earning......" or "earn $1000 every day on net". Actually these advertisers pay very less per click and with these low paying ads they drive traffic to their site with higher paying ads. Do you want to remove these ads? You can easily block specific ads from appearing on your page. Just log in to your adsense account at and click the Competitive Ad Filter link below the Adsense set up tab. You will notice an empty text box. Select the product sub-tab and click add/edit sites. add the urls of low paying ads and save it. It will take 4/5 hours to block the specific ads.
It is right that filtering is an effective way to prevent low paying ads appearing in your site. But you should remember that excessive filtering decreases the number of ads appearing in your site. So you may loose your potential earning. My suggestion just improves your back links and page ranking and writes content incorporated with top paying key words. Google will display top-paying ads automatically.

If you are getting continuous low paying ads, you need to filter exact destination URL instead of filtering top-level domain of an ad. The AdSense Preview Tool is an addition to the right-click menu of Internet Explorer 6.x browsers. It offers the ability to view the ads that would appear on your page and to display the Destination URLs of these ads with only a few clicks. To download the AdSense Preview Tool and to read more about its features, refer to

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