Monday, January 14, 2013

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Light up your site

Light up your site
We all know how it feels to find the perfect gift. After scouring stores far and wide, suddenly your hunt is over: the stars have aligned to bring you just what you're looking for -- and not a moment too soon. It's a bit the same way when a search brings you to just the right site. But what if your site's just the right site, and users can't find it?

We're happy to let you know that you don't need divine forces to play a role in the find ability of your site. Nope -- you can help make sure that your site turns up just when it should by taking advantage of these tips from our Search Quality Team.

1. Not sure if all your pages are being seen by Google? Search for your site's address after the command "site", like []. When you see your pages in the results, check your snippet content and page titles. Include information that matches the topic of a particular page. If anything is missing or you want more details, you can also use the Content Analysis tool in Webmaster Tools.

2. If you upload new pages or topics faster than Google crawls your site, make sure to submit a Google Sitemap and include a refresh rate.

3. Label your images appropriately. Users searching in Google Image Search will more easily find the image on your site. Don't miss out on potential traffic because of [001.jpg] instead of [NintendoWii.jpg]. Image Search is one of the largest search properties out there, so you should take advantage of it.

4. Manage your SiteLinks. Your most valuable links may not be the ones that Google chooses as SiteLinks, so remember you can remove any that you don't think users will find useful.

5. Check for errors and keyword traffic in Webmaster Tools. See our diagnostics checklist.

6. Serve accurate HTTP status codes. If you've retired a page permanently, serve a 404. If you've simply relocated it, serve a 301. The more we know about your old pages, the faster we will find the next best page on your site for a given query.

7. Users and search engines like organic content. Make some of your own!

8. Read our recently released SEO Starter Guide.

9. Watch our Tutorials for Webmasters.

10. Find out what information Google has about your website in Webmaster Tools.

11. Get the latest updates from the Webmaster Central Blog.

12. Find answers to your questions in our Webmaster Help Center, or ask your questions in the Webmaster Help Group.

Whether it be the perfect gift, the perfect site, or the perfect cup of cocoa on a cold winter's night, we hope all your searches are fruitful this holiday season.

Posted by Julie Beckmann - AdSense Publisher Support

Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to contact Google/Yahoo/msn

Are you facing problem in publishing your Blog or website? You may want to contact the google ,Yahoo or msn the search engine giants. Are you looking for ‘How to contact Google’ or ‘How to contact Yahoo’ or ‘msn’? Here is your answer. I will provide you some important link to contact the search engine giants. Google or Yahoo are dealing with so many customers. Everyday thousands of customers want to contact google yahoo or msn. It is not possible for the search engine giants to reply for all. They may investigate your problem if your message is considerably important to them.

1. You have a website and If you think a site is involved in any kind of spam, or deceptive redirects. Open the page here fill the form. As per your problem feed back necessary information to google. They probably won't answer your letter but they will likely investigate your problem.
2. If you facing in security issues contact here
3. To ask to be inluded as Google News source mail
4. If you want to contact google employee having a blog contact here
5. Spam Report for Yahoo
here . Feed back with list the URL that you feel is spam, search you typed to get this result, copy the URL of the yahoo search results page where this spam appeared, type of spam ( illegal content, adult content redirect to another site etc.) Then submit.
6. For assistance with a specific problem you are experiencing with your service or product, (Contact Support) in msnfeedback.
7. If you think someone is violating adsense programme policies. report here
8. If you think googlebot crawls your site too fast you may report
Here to slow down the rate
9. for Yahoo here. Feed Report here regarding web search

Technorati Profile

IP Address related issues

If you like to secure your AdSense account, you must know about IP Address. You know continuous clicks from same IP subject to disable of AdSense account. Click bombers may sabotage any time to disable your AdSense account.There are so many internet enemies. You have to get rid of them. To save your AdSense account you must block the suspicious IP Address. Let us know what is IP address. IP or Internet Protocol is the basis on which all other Internet protocols operate. IP provides the basic mechanism for forwarding of data between two computers on separate networks. IP packets are simply handed from computer to computer until they reach their destination. Every computer when connected through internet is assigned a particular IP address. IP address is like a postal address of a computer to receive information. An IP address can be detected very easily. IP address is numeric and it is written in four separate numbers. Each number may be 0 to 255. It looks as From an IP address you can know the Region or country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet. Generally IP address is static.Sometime you need to change your IP address. You know once your adsense account is disabled, you can not open your adsense account from same IP address. How do I change my IP address ? Is is possible? Yes, it is possible. You can try by runing off your cable/DSL modem for five minutes. In maximum cases your IP address may be changed. If you are not done you have to repeat the process for upto10 hrs. However I can not assure you that your IP address will be changed by this method. You may try by other method command prompt Go to start menu, Run, then type "cmd" and click OK. Now type ipconfig/release then shut down your computer. Turn off all ethernet switches and cable or DSL modem. Leave it for one day. I think your IP address will be changed. Sometimes you need to block IP address to save your adsense account being disable by sabotage clicks. Firstly you have to find out from where the clicks are generated. If you are using a Windows computer--to find out some information about someone is to go to Command Prompt (if you do not know how to do that, go to the Start menu, Run, and type "cmd" and press OK) and type in "tracert " without the quotation marks. On UNIX (including Linux and OS X), open a shell and use the command traceroute . You can use hit.counter to track the hits. Just insert a simple piece of code on your web page and you will be able to analyse and monitor all the visitors to your website. Google Analytics also an effective way to track the visitors. Thank you for reading the article.

Why do I burn my feed

Burn your feed now with FeedBurner. It is completely free. It is a new feed management provider whcih has sophisticated tools to manage feeds of bloggers, podcasters and other content publishers. FeedBurner is the easiest way to convert feed. It can convert from and to any version of RSS or Atom. If you burn your feed your visitors subscribe to your feed, they will use FeedBurner URL to reach you in lieu of your original feed. Actually Feedburner transforms your URL to appropriate web feed format which is suuported with that RSS readers. Feedburner hosted feeds for more than 250000 publishers and delivered feeds to more than 19 million subscribers. You can easily know how many visitors have subscribed to your blog and which post is the most popular. Feedburner lets you insert your Flickr pictures or links automatically in your feeds. Create your feed burner account. Enter your blog's web address in the "Ready to Burn" in the FeedBurner's home page. On "Welcome", make sure the title and FeedBurner address (URL) of your new feed are values you Activate Feed. A "Congrats" your feedburner blogger feed is now ready. Read all of the information on "Congrats", then click 'Next' to continue with the setup process.
To redirect your feed:
Open your blogger account in a new browser window. Then go to your Dashboard, click on the 'Setting' tab. click site feed link. type your full FeedBurner feed with "http://" portion into the "Post Feed Redirect URL' text field. Save setting. You are done. Now promot your FeedBurner on your Blogger site. For this Click on "Publicize" tab. A list of publicity related topics will appear. Click on "Checklet Chooser" service- a form will appear. the form is full of several options to promote your Feed Burner feed.Click the radio button next to the button you want to display on your site.Click the drop-down and select "Blogger" to add the chicklet as a widget.Blogger will open in a new window. Follow the prompts there to continue to add the new widget.