Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Link Popularity

Link popularity plays an important role to maximize traffic for your site. Popularity of a page is judged by the link popularity of the page. That means how many links have been directed to a particular page of your site. If the content of the page is attractive and have ample numbers of inbound links, certainly your website will touch the sky. If the page ranks from one to ten, number of visitors will be acquainted with your site and surely your expectation will be fulfilled. So you have to try your level best for link popularity. Link popularity plays an important role among the top of the search results in the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo! Most of the search engines require at least one links coming to your website, otherwise your site will disappear from the search engine index.There are many ways and means through which you can built link popularity for your site.

1. The most important thing for link popularity is to produce quality content. Every website publisher should be ensured that the site has really good contents. You have to maintain the guidelines to make a crawler friendly website. You can hire a content writer for your site. If the content of your site is helpful and information based, so many sites will direct their visitors to your site. Thus your link popularity will be increased.

2. You can earn link popularity by exchanging your link. You may contact good quality sites for exchange link. First you have to give a link from your site. Then request the publisher with polite words asking for a link.

3. Submit good quality article to free article sites such as
articlesrich. By submitting article you can get many inbound links. Suppose you have written a good article. Many websites will download your article which include a link to your site. Thereby you will get good number of inbound links. Learn Traffic By Articles for more information for article writing.

4. Join various forums. In the forum you can ask a question or reply to a question. Whenever you ask a question or reply always try to give a link of your website.
Don’t promote your site directly in the forum.

5. Create link list in your website. Place important and relevant information based website link in your website.
6. Try to create keyword oriented articles and reviews. Thus you can draw traffic to your site with little effort.
7. You should keep in mind that your home page should contain links to all subpages so that search engines can transfer some links to other subpages
8. Try to get inbound links from sites with high page rank. If you get links from high ranked pages in the search result, certainly your page will rank high and your site will attracts lots of traffic.
9. You can submit story to Digg with a link to your site

10. Your content should devoid of grammatical and spelling errors. Content should be split up with paragraphs.
11. Your content should be easy to understand and interesting so that your visitors can follow your contents easily.
12. You can review relevant products on various sites such as
13. Review relevant sites on Alexa to attract respective traffic.
14. You may offer articles to other webmasters who are looking for relevant article. You can request for a link targeted to your site from the site. You may also include a link in your material itself.
15. Keep a space in your site for members only. You can demand a free link to your site. More the number of members the more inbound links to your website. Consequently link popularity of your website will be increased and the resultant is high ranking in the search engine.
16. Try to get your website listed in Yahoo! Or DMOZ directory. All the high ranking websites are included in DMOZ and Yahoo directory. These two directories are edited by human. There is no doubt that human can judge better than a search engines regarding the quality of a website
17. Search suitable blog and make a comment. You can request the blog publisher for a link to your site. In this way you can develop your link popularity.
18. Another easy way to built your link popularity is to ask or answer questions on Google Groups and provide links to relevant resources.
19. Claim your blog in Technorati. Technorati tag pages rank well in Yahoo! and MSN, You can get some links through technorati.

20. You may ask question or reply on Yahoo! Answers and provide links to relevant resources.
If you can follow the above instructions I can assure you that you will built link popularity for your site easily like this blog in not time and thus your website will be the top in the search engines and thousands of traffic will visit your site every day.

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