Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why My Adsense Account is Banned?

All the website or blog publishers have a desire to earn tons of money through Adsense. If you have an adsense account, you are not also exemptional. But In adsense forum we notice a good number of website or blog publishers remark that their adsense account have been banned without reason. They claim that they are innocent. Before asking the question ‘Why My Adsense Account is Banned?’ in the forum, ask yourself first. Are you actually innocent? Remember, google has no ill intention against your account. They are the world famous concern. Thousands of users are earning tons of money through google adsense program. Then why they will disable your account without sufficient reason? The more you earn the more the profit of google, because they are earning a part of amount through your adsense ads. So, don’t blame adsense. Better you find the root, why your account has been disabled or banned. I am delineating some of the possible reasons behind the banning of adsense account.

Most of us signed up the adsense account without reading the programme policies, and adsense Terms and Conditions Just we click on ‘ I agree……’ without going through the details. The program policies may defer from time to time also. So we should go through the program policies frequently. We should strictly adhere to the program policies. Otherwise our account is liable to be banned or disabled.

Most of us want to earn tons of $$$$ from the very beginning of the day of opening the adsense account. We do not consider the performance of the blog or website at all. We never think of the page rank. Remember, life is not the bed of roses. There is no substitute of hard working. To earn something you have to wait. You have to work hard. You have to shed your blood and sweat. But we have no patience; we click on our own adsense ads. Consequently our adsense accounts are banned.

Some times we take unfair means to maximize our earning. Our aims are to coin money by fair means or foul. We hire proxy cheater or specialized anonymous software for clicking on adsesnse ads. Sometimes we generate clicks from different computers also. There are multiple such types of unfair means of ad clicking processes. We think that Google can not trace us. But remember, google is much smarter than us. Google will bid you good bye in no time by disabling our adsense account.

Sometimes we are really innocent. Yet our adsense account is banned. Have you told your family members or friends about your websites or blogs? Have you made any enemy on the internet? Your family members and friends may like to favor you by clicking on the adsense. Your enemy also may click on your adsense ads repeatedly. In both the cases your adsense account is liable to be disabled or banned.
I think the fact has been cleared to you. Good luck.

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