Saturday, March 8, 2008

Requirement to Sign up with AdSense

"Adsense" is the buzz word around the globe. Thousands of people search with the word "Adsense" in the internet. What is Adsense? How can I earn online with Adsense? What is the tips and tricks of AdSense earning? How can I join the Adsense program? These are the frequent asked questions. Many people asked that they did not have website and had no idea how to make a website. Is it possible to work with AdSense without a website? I will say you need a valid url to participate in the program. Oh! you are discouraged because you know nothing about webdesinging. Don't quit reading. Wait- keep patience. There is a way. You can get your own URL without spending even a single dime. Free blogging sites such as, etc. remove the technical hurdles and allow you to start blogging just after a simple sign-up process with your Email ID. Google provides Page Creator for publishers. It is also absolutely free. Publishers can begin displaying Adsense ads in it. Now the question is what is the requirements to work with Adsense. When you will try to register with AdSense, you have to provide the following information.
A valid URL
At the time of submitting application, you have to provide your valid URL of the homepage. Be sure that the website or blog is functioning well and fully launched. Your site must have atleast ten unique articles and the content must adhere the program policies. Under program policies your site should not contain any pornography, adult or mature content, hacking contnet, gambling related content, illicit drugs related content, promoting weapons, promoting beer or hard alcohol or tobacco related products. Please read full details of the program polices before signing up.
A Valid Payee name: You have to provide a Payee name. Payment will be issued in favor of the payee name. The name should not have a initial. The name should be in full and valid. Remember, for security purpose you can not change the payee name. So before giving the payee name make sure your decision is final.
A Valid postal address
You need to provide your complete and valid postal address. If your country or territory does not have a standard format of address, specify the detail information so that you can receive the information send by AdSesne.


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