Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Adsense Earning: Find out the root of failure

Earning is the absolute goal. Why you are reading my article? Why I am writing this article? For both the question the answer is ‘earning’. Everyone have a desire to earn. With this high hope you joined in adsense program. You have designed your website with best effort following the guidelines of so called Adsense Gurus. You are wrapped up in reverie that your work has been completed and thousands of dollars will accumulated in your account. But soon your happy dream will turn to disappointment. Even after one month your earning from adsense is $0.00 or only few cents. I am researching on adsense for a long time. In the adsense forum the most common question is “why my earning not started yet?’

Joining in Adsense program is very easy but earning from adsense is not. You have designed a good website. Adsense ads are displaying in your website. It does not mean that you are done. There are thousands of websites on the internet. How people will know that you have a website? So you have no traffic. No traffic means no earning. So the important think is driving traffic to your site. You do not pay any attention to drive traffic to your site. That is why your earning from adsense is $0.00.

You might have sufficient number of page impressions. Yet your earning is not up to your satisfaction. Because you do not have sufficient valid clicks. The Google adsense ads you are able to display on your website and WebSearch results pages are cost-per-click (CPC) ads. The advertisers pay only when users click on ads. You'll receive a portion of the amount paid for clicks on Google ads on your website. Your placement of adsense ads is not correct or adsense ads are not relevant to the content. You have not learnt where to place the adsense ads, how to blend it with proper color etc.

Sometimes sufficient clicks are being generated for your website. But you are earning a small amount for each click. Only low paying adsense ads are displaying in your site. You have not choose the right key words.

Many a time it has been observed that the adsense account is banned just after accumulating the $100.00 at the account. A large number of adsense users can not keep patience. They click on their on adsense ads or take unfair means such as click by proxy, click generating from different computers. But the google is much smarter than you. Adsense account will be banned forthwith. Huge number of clicks by an internet enemy or by family members or friend are also liable for disable of adsense accout.

So don’t get disappointed। Find out the root of your failure. Keep patience and do the needful. Work hard for proper optimization. Soon you will get 1000 page impressions or more and earning will be changed dramatically.


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