Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 top tips on search engine optimization

Every publisher is looking for new strategy for search engine optimization. Behind every successful publisher, search engine optimization plays an important role. Here are 10 top tips on how to optimize your website for its rocket ride up the search engine rankings.

  • Quality of the content is most important part of Search engine optimiation.Try to provide unique and relevant content. Make sure your content contains the word you want to optimize for. The word should appear frequently throughout your page. As for example if you want to optimize for the words “tips to increase traffic”, make sure all these three words recur often in the content as adjacent as possible to each other. But don’t use words just keeping in mind the search engine. Your pages are for your visitors. Cloaking (present different content to search engines than you display to users)and writing the keywords again and again with no reason will get your site blacklisted by google and other search engines.

  • Fill your keywords into the title tag of the page and also use them in your Meta tags as well. Read how to write keywords in meta tags

  • If you incorporate key words in the URL, it will be very effective to rank high in the search result. My site's name is http://blogrns.blogspot.com but if I break it into blog-rns it may be more effective. Because blogrns is not a key word and search engine robot cannot distinguish it. On the other hand, blog-rns has one key word 'blog' and search engine can track the key word for search result. So I would like to say that publishers should incorporate relevant key words in the URL for best result. Register your domain incorporated with key words you want to optimize in the search engine.

  • Use the tags around some of your keywords of the content to be optimized in the search engine. No need to use them everywhere just uses them twice or thrice in a particular article.

  • Don’t wait for search engine to search you. Tell it about your site by submitting your URL. Submit your URL to Yahoo! Google, MSN, and other search engines and directories open directories. Make sure you are not taking help any unauthorized computer programs to submit pages. This is against the TOS and you may be blacklisted.

  • Make sure that your TITLE and ALT tags are descriptive and accurate.

  • Avoid outbound links to spammers or blacklisted sites.

  • You should avoid images to display names, content or links. Prefer text to display them.

  • Test your site in a text browser. Make sure search engine spiders have no trouble to crawl your site.

  • Make sure your all of your pages are connected with at least one static link and a particular page link should not be more than 100.


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